Chernobieff Custom Handmade Pianos

 I build only a handful of instruments a year. My approach is to make pianos that are; works of art to look at, offer a universe of piano-istic tone, and have a touch that is silky smooth under your fingers. All three of these qualities are missing from massed produced pianos, which is unfortunate, because the result is that most pianists don’t ever get to experience how truly wonderful a piano can be.


Products and Services

  • Innovative Series- Pianos that are original custom designs
  • Phoenix Series- Pianos that are redesigned/remanufactured
  • Harpsichord Making
  • Pre-owned instruments for sale
  • Complete Piano and Harpsichord Restoration Services
  • Historical & Instructional E-books

 Features of my Instruments

  • Welded Steel Plates in the ‘Innovative’ piano line.
  • High Compression Soundboards in all pianos
  • Proprietary designed Inner Rims that remove unwanted internal stresses.
  • Computer Balanced Low Inertia Erard/Herz actions for a velvety touch.
  • Cold-Pressed Hammers for a luxurious American tone.
  • Handpainted finishes

 Every piano individually made in Tennessee, U.S.A.