Chernobieff Custom Handmade Pianos and Harpsichords

Every custom handmade Chernobieff Keyboard instrument is an aesthetic blend of art, music and science.


Art- Unlike modern massed produced instruments, ours are individually handpainted with scenery and motifs in the style of the clients choosing. Other concepts for originality are unique design features, such as a 7′ tall upright, or a circular concert grand. 

Music- Our goal, after all is said and done, is to create beautiful music. We put scrutinizing demands on soundboard, strings, hammers, and how they interrelate, to create a balanced tone that sings. Further, we take pride in that our keyboards have a velvety touch, so that complete control is obtained.  The end result that we are after, is that the pianist and piano become one.

Science- The saying that the more you learn, the more you realise what you don’t know. We take advantage of the latest developements in technology to create incredible pianos and further our craft. For the most part, the only advancement in piano technology that has  any concern these days seems to be “How do we make them quicker?”. Our advantage as a micro-manufacturer is that we only need to worry about  “How to make them better?”  For example: Our soundboards are created from the highest quality hand selected lumber, which then goes through a proprietary process to transform it from just a piece of wood into a piece of wood that now has tonal characterisitcs. Further, the soundboard then goes through testing and retesting checking for, eveness of density, light weight, and balanced power.


What is difficult to put into words, is that when you sit down at one of our pianos, you can immediately tell the difference between an individually handcrafted piano compared to any mass produced one made today.


  • Welded Steel Plates in the ‘Innovative’ line.
  • High Compression Soundboards in all pianos
  • Proprietary Inner Rims that remove unwanted internal stresses.
  • Computer Balanced Low Inertia Erard/Herz actions for a velvety touch.
  • Cold-Pressed Hammers for a luxurious American tone.
  • Handpainted finishes


Products and Services

  • New custom made designs in the ‘Innovative’ series
  • New design concept  pianos in the ‘Phoenix’ series
  • We often offer pre-owned instruments
  • Complete Restoration services
  • Historical E-books of Piano Makers


 Every piano individually made in Tennessee, U.S.A.